• Image of Merch Pack


• 3 postcards featuring high quality glossy prints of Eblo, a loyal minion (with free brain in jar); a swooping tengu from Japanese mythology; and Deeqo, a monkey astronaut, back from space and out for revenge.

• 1 Future Creeps sticker pack of six hand-cut, heirloom stickers featuring the heads of six different creeps from the future.

• 1, 3, or 6 32mm Future Creep badges featuring your choice of creep(s) (Please specify which creep(s) you want in the order page. If not, you will be sent a random choice with no duplicates*).

• Aliens.Robots.Astronauts, a hand-made, black and white, mini zine of sci-fi drawings with captions in English and Japanese.**

• Knights.Wizards.Beasts, all the things you love about Aliens.Robots.Astronauts, but with knights, wizards and beasts instead of aliens, robots and astronauts.**

• 1 original black and white drawing, at least 4 inches squared in area. Sorry, you don't get to choose what I draw, but part of the fun will be not knowing until your excited fingers feverishly open the packaging. Let's be honest though, given past form, it'll probably be a robot or a wizard or something like that.

*Please refer to the linked reference chart when making your selection:
1. Petulant Falp
2. Yellobot
3. Nazmeela of the Fourth Pinnacle
4. D'Okhoo the Friendly
5. Redbot
6. Morgo the navigator

**The zines are hand made so there may be some slight imperfections. Covers come in a random assortment of colours.